About Us

Be assured with our flat rate pricing, you won't be surprised about anything you are paying for. We do not charge by the hour, no matter how long it takes. Here at Dyshorar we do not charge extra for after hours or weekends due to the fact that it isn't your fault that the HVAC unit in your house stopped working.


After every maintenance/repair we  make an effort to send our Comfort Specialist back to your home to ensure that everything meets your standards and is working properly. Why the need to do that? We want to give you the time you need to see the results for yourself and household and to make sure everything was maintained properly.

Ease Of Mind


Letting someone into your home can, at times, be an uncomfortable situation. Therefore the safety and security of our customers is in mind when we make sure that all of our team members can pass a background check and a drug test.
All of our team members wear booties when entering your home to make sure your floors stay clean. We strive to out of our way to make sure that you are relaxed when we enter into your home on your time.
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