As a family business with multiple years of experience, Dyshorar is your choice company for any matters concerning your HVAC system. Our team makes sure to fix any maintenance problems and ensures the best work so that you don't have to keep calling again and again.


Find out more about our business and services. We are happy to assist you with any of your HVAC needs!


The functionality of an AC unit is to take away the the heat from your house and put it back outside. This works through the different coils in your AC unit taking all the unwanted heat from your house, moving it along through to the condenser and blowing the heat back into the outdoors - out of your house so you can stay cool.


In good hands

For guaranteed expert maintenance and servicing on your HVAC unit then choose Dyshorar. The customers needs are always put first and appointments are always met on time by our team members because we know that your time is valuable.


We are located and service those within the DFW area. For a free quote on the maintenance/repair of your HVAC unit, please give us a call today!

"Fixing the HVAC system in my house went smoothly. Following a brief initial talk, an appointment was made, and within a few hours the work was complete."


- Karla (Waxahachie, TX)

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